Basta un poco di zucchero e la pillola va giù..

Come rallegrare i miei weekend lavorativi? Eccola! The "Pills" pliage by Jeremy Scott Limited Edition di Longchamp. Non ho saputo resistere.. Deformazione professionale? Forse, ma doveva essere mia! :) 
Nel sito Longchamp tutte le indicazioni per l'uso: 


Composition: Printed cotton canvas with cowhide trim.
Pharmacological classification: Mood enhancer.
Indications: This bag should be used in cases of vitamin deficiency.
Special precautions: This bag is printed with pills of many different colours. Your other garments also contain colours. Avoid over-combining them so as not to exceed the recommended dose. 
Dosage: Morning, noon and night, and as necessary during the day, without moderation. 
Method of administration:  Carry on the arm or in the hand.

May be worn without consultation or prescription by a stylist. Please retain these instructions for future reference. 

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